Health and Safety

Dort Efaste Ltd. We regard safety as more than just a workplace concern: safety is a lifestyle responsibility. When safety becomes a way of life, it is likely to be easily and consistently integrated with work – for the benefit of everyone involved. With this in mind, we have created and maintained a strong safety program, Focus on Safety, for our employees. The program provides all employees with the resources necessary to be safe at work, at home and in their communities.

Focus on Safety is recognized as one of the top safety programs. It helps our employees to recognize the full importance of safety and provides them with the essential tools they need to be safe. 

Dort Efaste Ltd. created this program to ensure a safe work environment for all of our employees and, to keep us all as safe as possible, we update it regularly with the latest safety procedures and information. Within the program, Dort Efaste Ltd. provides employee training to ensure that all employees, including our newest hires, are aware of our safety procedures.

Focus on Safety has had a positive impact on the success of our company: Safety is now an integral part of our culture. Employees feel secure that Dort Efaste Ltd. cares about their well-being and clients feel confident choosing a company that is recognized as a safety leader.

As one of Dort Efaste Ltd.’s core values, safety is a fundamental cornerstone of our business. Collectively, our commitment to safety has helped make Dort Efaste Ltd. a ‘best in class’ safety leader in our industry. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes the safety and health of the Dort Efaste Ltd. team. At Dort Efaste Ltd., safety is everyone's priority.